• Biscuit and Gravy
    You won’t go away hungry! A jumbo buttermilk biscuit topped with our delicious house-made sausage gravy served with two eggs any style.
  • Barn Breakfast
    Two eggs any style, bacon or links, Barn Browns or grits, and toast.

    Substitute pork belly patties for bacon or links...$2.99
  • Strata
    A yummy combo of bread, sausage, cheddar cheese, green onions and egg batter, baked to golden perfection. Top it with house-made sausage gravy for a breakfast “meat-loafian” dish. Comes with Barn Browns or grits.
  • Quiche of the Day
    People can’t get enough of our quiche because we start with a farm fresh egg custard combined quality ingredients and delicious cheese! Varieties change, so ask your server what’s on for today. Choice of Barn Browns or grits.
  • Oatmeal Crème Brulee
    Steel-cut Irish oats topped with a Grand Marnier pastry cream, fresh berries and laced with caramelized brown sugar. Who knew breakfast could taste like dessert? (Not available for carry out.)
  • Stick to Your Ribs Oatmeal
    Healthy and filling! Steel-cut Irish oats served with milk, cinnamon, and brown sugar upon request. Add: raisins...$0.49, nuts or berries...$0.99, granola...$1.59
  • Parfait
    Vanilla yogurt topped with house-made granola and fresh berries.
  • French Toast
    We have a secret recipe batter that makes our French toast some of the best you’ll ever get. Choice of bacon or links.
  • French Toast of the Day
    The possibilities are endless, but always delicious! Market Price
  • Pancakes
    So delicious you don’t even need syrup! Comes with your choice of bacon or links. Of course, you may also have syrup!

    Pure maple syrup available!!! ...$2.65

Benedicts, Benedicts and Benedicts-OH MY!

  • The Ho-Ham
    Toasted English muffin, sweet ham, poached eggs. Topped with Hollandaise sauce.
  • The Texan
    Toasted bagel, smoked brisket, poached eggs and house slaw. Topped with a BBQ Hollandaise sauce.
  • The Californian
    An avocado split in two on a base of caramelized onions, stuffed with smoked Gouda and poached eggs. Topped with a “brûléed” Hollandaise sauce.
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  • The Ragin’ Cajun
    A toasted English muffin, crawfish cakes and poached eggs. Topped with our Cajun Hollandaise sauce.
  • The Swine & Dine
    English muffin, pan seared pork belly patties, poached eggs. Topped with Hollandaise sauce and bacon bits.
  • The Ranchero
    Folded flour tortilla, grilled black bean patties topped with cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs and Chalula Hollandaise sauce. Served with a side of salsa.
  • The Florentine
    Grilled tomatoes, wilted spinach, poached eggs. Topped with Hollandaise sauce. Add: English muffin...$1.25
  • The Everything but the Farmhouse Kitchen Sink
    Toasted bagel piled with pepper jack cheese, bacon, ham, pork belly AND brisket! Of course it also has poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce. This breakfast bonanza has the “Oh My Goodness” factor!! (No substitutions or modifications, please!)

Toast & Breads

  • Your Choice of:
    Wheat-berry, Country White, Hearty Rye, Jumbo Biscuit, Flour Tortilla...$0.99
    English Muffin...$1.25
    Cinnamon Toast...$1.99
    Side of French Toast or One Pancake...$2.59


  • Your Choice of:
    Bacon, Links, Ham...$3.99
    Pork Belly Patties...$6.99


  • Your Choice of:
    Peanut Butter, Cream Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Pepper Jack Cheese, Salsa, Sour Cream or Honey...$0.99
    One Egg or Hollandaise Sauce...$1.29
    Avocado or Granola...$1.59


  • Your Choice of:
    Barn Browns or Grits...$2.29
    Grits with Cheese...$3.29
    Fresh Fruit...$3.99
    Side of Gravy...$3.69
    Sliced Tomatoes...$2.99
    Belly Buster Barn Browns: Barn Browns loaded with cheddar cheese, ham, bacon and topped with your choice of Hollandaise or sausage gravy (No substitutions or modifications, please!)...$3.99


  • Made in House
    Gooey Butter Cake...$3.99
    Bread Pudding...$4.29

Kids Menu

  • Kid’s Barn Breakfast
    One scrambled egg, bacon, link, or applesauce and toast.
  • Kid’s Pancakes
    Three silver dollar pancakes with bacon, link or applesauce.
  • Kid’s French Toast
    Two triangles of French toast with bacon, link or applesauce.
  • Kid’s Biscuit and Gravy
    One half of our Jumbo biscuit topped with our house-made sausage gravy and one scrambled egg.
  • Substitute fresh fruit cup for meat/applesauce Add $1.99