Located in historical park like setting
The Thomas Sappington House Museum Complex is part of the City of Crestwood Park system. The “Sappington House” was built by slave labor in 1808 and was restored co-operatively by the City of Crestwood, the St. Louis County Department of Parks and Recreation, the St. Louis County Historical Buildings Commission and the Sappington House Restoration Committee. The Sappington House has been open for tours since July of 1966.The Sappington Barn Center was built in 1969 as an honorarium to Carolyn C. McDonnell who directed the Sappington House renovation – she believed in women making history. The barn building was modeled after an early barn building on the property and is typical of an early 19th century Missouri barn.We, at The Barn, are proud to call the Sappington House Complex home and we hope that you are comfortable here. Please feel free to tour the Gift Shop or take a stroll down to the duck pond. We also encourage you to schedule a tour of The Sappington House Museum and visit other Crestwood Public Parks
By embodying the true spirit of hospitality, The Barn is a gathering place for residents of Crestwood and neighboring communities. Great food and caring friends are good for the soul. Our motto is “We’ll see you again tomorrow.”

The Barn